Skin Analysis & Consultations - On-line and In Clinic

In the current COVID restrictions, we are happy to offer On-line consultation through the Zoom video system as well as continuing to see clients in the clinic.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Skin Needling - Ultimate anti-ageing and scar revision

Fusion Mesotherapy (Skin Needling) is a natural and safe non-surgical treatment which can be an alternative to surgical procedures or fillers and botx. It combines two concepts: collagen stimulation t... Show more

pHFormula Resurfacing - Acne, Ageing & Chronic Rednesss

SkinPro Facials - Bepoke treatments

Facial protocols that are completely tailor-made for you. This could be a combination of resurfacing and LED, or Radio Frequency and Hydro Facial. We decide on the day which treatment is the best for... Show more

Hydro Facials - Stratum Synergy

Stratum Synergy Hydrofacial is an all-in-one management platform that uses the latest technologies:

HydroMedi for deep exfoliation using gentle lactic acid solution in a refreshing jet cleanse hand...
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Radio Frequency Skin Firming for FACE and BODY

A powerful but gentle device that heats the dermis and tightens the collagen fibres. With suction to aid lymph drainage, the facial features are smoothed and refined.

Celluma - LED Light Therapy

LED Light canopy for non-invasive treatment of Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Wrinkles and Pigmentation.
Near Infra-Red for pain relief and muscular stiffnesss.